i haven’t posted new photos of the baby rats in awhile so here are a bunch

zartan and ravage were adopted today

I had been emailing back and forth with a woman who wanted to get a pair of rats for her 17 year old son. She came to see them on Thursday, and we arranged today for her to come andpick them up. 

I cleaned out an old cage for her and included some bedding, food, a water bottle and dish. She already paid $10 for the rats, so I didn’t want anything for the cage, since it wasn’t doing me any good to have it sitting in my storage room. 

So I am sad to see my little buds go, but I’m happy that they’ve been adopted by nice people. The woman seemed very comfortable, and even let my big rat Soundwave climb up her arm and sit on her shoulder.

Good luck little dudes.

Right now Xamot and Laserbeak are wrestling and it’s really cute

Tomax chewing my headphones

Laserbeak destroyed a pair of my headphones today, so I decided to record Tomax adding to their destruction. 

Pro tip: Rats will destroy your headphones, simply because.

I haven’t updated this in a while, but here we are, just over 2 months later, with 9 healthy and cute “baby” rats. The adoption process hasn’t been that successful, with only one taken, a pet food store that didn’t follow through on putting my poster up, and the humane society informing me they didn’t take rats.

I love every one of them, but I’m still trying to get more adopted so that other people can enjoy watching them make cuddle piles and wrestle with each other.

Day 53

Day 53

Day 50

I called the humane society today who told me they didn’t take rats. I know they have before but maybe it depends on the circumstances.

No other inquiries have been made about adopting them.

Last night I had Sadie and her girls out. Sadie got on to the floor and went back and forth taking food and hiding it behind a box.

This morning Scarlet was in the top shelf of my closet staring down.

The 6 boys go through almost a full bottle of water every 2 days.

Zartan and Destro cuddling

Zartan and Destro cuddling